New Year’s Message of Kyud GM Marc to KNP-IKF/Kuntaw Martial Arts

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I originally  posted this message in FB last Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015. Yesterday, Jan. 2, 2016, I was talking to our GGM and read to him my message; he requested me to post the message to, so here it is.  –   Kyud Marc


Happy New Year to all!

I thank God for sustaining me all the energies and virtues I needed to journey with kyud Lito, our Kuntaw Great Grandmaster, and kyudai Mely, our Kuntaw Sultana. They adopted me as their Kuntaw son in 1998 when I moved to Canada. There was a 10-year gap between the death of my father, Great Master Ingkong Marcial of my ancestral art of Tagaan Arnis, and my adoption in Kuntaw by kyud Lito. I was so honored, humbled and emotional that it seemed my father did not totally left me. Like my own father, Ingkong Marcial, kyud Lito is a tough patriarch and a “handful father”. For those who may claim that my entry to Kuntaw is nothing but a drop of time they spent with the GGM, your comparison is a sign of unhealthy attitude. My life with kyud Lito despite the distance and amidst challenges is one of the best era in my life. All kyud Lito’s toughness, are nothing as compared to his loving, caring, and respectful manners (to those who are respectable themselves). Kyud Lito is a visionary that walked his talks in Kuntaw, and many a times that he did unconventional actions for the sake of Kuntaw; he never regretted those actions, but he knows how to accept his shortcomings. Kyud Lito is one of the greatest persons I have ever met in my life. His humility is deep and sincere, but only to those who know humility themselves to recognize it.

In 2011, when the great turmoil came to IKF that gravely threatened its very existence and the very life and spirit of the GGM and the Sultana, I became embedded to the core of Kuntaw existence and continued survival. My goal was to reach out to everyone who estranged themselves from the GGM and the Kuntaw, and bring them back to the family and Kuntaw family again. My effort fell short and was defeated by the stiffness of the hearts of many. But I succeeded to one kyud in the end who came back and bowed and reconciled with his old teacher and “father”, and who regained his humility, kindness, respect and love to the person who made him a great Kuntawista and became a Legend himself. My second goal was to assist the GGM and the Sultana to lay the foundation for succession of Kuntaw for the rightful Inheritor of Kuntaw – to the person whose core of the heart beats and breathes Kuntaw despite of personal struggles in life and weaknesses, and yet has a big heart of RESPECT and OBEDIENCE to the Father and Mother of Kuntaw. To this one, I fully succeeded and am very honored to be a part of this humbling process of succession – to the new CED and 4th Generation Inheritor of Kuntaw, kyud GM Carlito “Junn” G. Lanada, Jr. – a kyud whom I feel will become great also like his father, in his due time in the decades ahead. We, all of us, will journey with him, for his success is also our success, his failures is also our failures. Together, we all journey with kyud GM Junn.

I write this long posting because I would like to thank you all who journeyed and supported me in this long challenging journey towards the end of 2015, especially to my family and the entire Kuntaw Canada family. I am now ready to rest and retire from operational and technical administration of Kuntaw. Similar to kyud Lito and kyudai Mely, my Papa and Mama as they wanted me to call them, I am also RETIRING. I gave my word to Papa and Mama that I will continue my role as the Supreme Advisor to Kuntaw and I do not turn my back from it. However, I am retiring to give our new Kuntaw CED the opportunity to start afresh and select his new Executive Body to journey with him in this new Kuntaw era. I will stay in the background and ready to assist if needed and requested. My body may retire, but my heart will never retire from Kuntaw.

To all kyuds and kyudais including those who remain detached and estranged from the family, please come home.

God bless us all!

Kyud Marc




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GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. Final Kuntaw “Declaration and Will”

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From the Desk of the GGMKUNTAW

GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. Video Announcement:

—– O —–

Text of GGM’s Video Announcement

Download (PDF, 367KB)

—– O —–

Certificate of Succession and Inheritance Kuntaw Martial Arts

Download (PDF, 881KB)

—– O —–

GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr’s Final Declaration and Will

Download (PDF, 1.96MB)

In the above declaration, the Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas (KNP) has become the “Mother” organization of Kuntaw Martial Arts, which signifies the return of Kuntaw to its founding roots – the KNP in the land that is called “Pearl of the Orient Seas“, the Philippine Archipelago.

The International Kuntaw Federation® has now become an autonomous organization (brother-organization of KNP), and is now endowed by the GGM to GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr. Further, the position title of Chief Executive Director (CED) that was previously used and belonging to IKF no longer exist in the endowed IKF. The CED now belongs to KNP and GM Carlito “Onyo” G. Lanada, Jr., who now holds this title as the Successor of GGM and Inheritor of Kuntaw Martial Arts.

—– O —–

The IKF Council Recommendation for Kuntaw Succession

Download (PDF, 1.1MB)

This above document effectively disbands the IKF Continuity Council or “The Council”. The KNP/Kuntaw Martial Arts led by GM Onyo shall form a new KNP Council at his own discretion and authority.

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An Open Letter from Kyud Marc to IKF Kyuds and Kyudais

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Kyuds and Kyudais,

This is kyud Marc De Leon, and this letter is personally addressed to all who care to read it and listen to my message. In fact, this letter is without the GGM’s knowledge because I do not want him to be burdened of the new online postings that again are circulating. I thought it is unfair for the GGM, to Sultana, and to those who righteously care for the GGM. I am not speaking as a matter of emotional discourse, but speaking as a person who possesses academic and clinical experience in patients’ pastoral care. I am on my post graduate (Masters) course in Clinical Pastoral Education. I serve as a Chaplain in hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centres and with the homeless in the streets. I listen, talk, laugh, cry, sing, and eat with people with different health conditions even with people who live in the state of dementia or Alzheimer. No matter what the state of a person is, we all have equal dignity in the eyes of God and in the eyes of other dignified human beings. Even if a sick person is bed-ridden and can no longer pass his or her necessities in the toilet, still that person deserves to be treated and cared for with dignity. Only the person who does not recognize the dignity in his or her own person is capable of putting down or trashes other person’s dignity; this person therefore becomes an agent of despair, and even “death” to the spirit of the unfortunate “victim”.

I go and visit the GGM and the Sultana occasionally; I talk to the GGM and the Sultana often over the phone. What I can assure you is, based on my clinical and pastoral skills through psychotherapy assessment; the GGM remains to be very capable to making decisions for his life especially the arts that he loves so much, the KUNTAW, which he equates it to himself. Unless otherwise the GGM executes a Power of Attorney (POA) and making other person to decide for himself, the GGM, for all intents and purposes, remains to be capable and in-control of his cognitive life. The GGM is not a helpless person, or incapable person that depends on other’s mercy to live his life.

As you all know that I am a priest, let me talk about this matter pastorally, and this is for those who ought to listen. A person of peace and love does trumpet joy, happiness, and accomplishment of others; a person of peace and love silently journeys in the loneliness, sorrow, and failures of others, serving as an agent of healing for that “other” who suffers. It saddened me a lot to see and hear people who use the name of God to suppress others, to use the name of God to boost his or her own ego at the expense of others.  And, to those people who do it, you are turning your back to God.

Thank you.

Kyud Marc

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Kuntaw Martial Arts/KNP Philippine-wide Referee Seminars

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From the Desk of IKF Council for distribution and implementation throughout Kuntaw Martial Arts/International Kuntaw Federation/Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas/MKA/NATO with immediate effect.

Kuntaw Martial Arts/Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas (KNP) as officially and legitimately headed and led by kyud GM Carlito G. Lanada, Jr., IKF Philippine Director and KNP President, will be holding Philippine-wide Referee Seminars starting December 2015 until completion of all planned schedules that extend in the new year 2016. These official Kuntaw activities are sanctioned by GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and his IKF Council operationally led by kyud GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr. IKF President.

Kyud GM Carlito “Junn” G. Lanada, Jr. carries full authority of the IKF Council in conducting and implementing this aforementioned seminar. There is none, and there will be no officially sanctioned seminar(s) of Kuntaw Martial Arts/IKF in the Philippines outside of the leadership of kyud GM Junn.

The following are the planned/scheduled Referee Seminars:

  • December 5, 2015 (starting) – Bicol Region
  • January 2016 (dates to be determined) – Davao City
  • January 2016 (dates to be determined) – Cebu City

Kyud GM “Junn will be co-presided by kyud LD Carlito “Noy” Calixtro.

Kyuds and kyudais, please be guided accordingly.

Authorized by the GGM/IKF Continuity Council “The Council”

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IKF Commissioner Appointment for the Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF covering the U.S. Northeastern Region

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GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., Founder and Brain of Kuntaw Martial Arts/International Kuntaw Federation/KNP/MKA/NATO, would like to announce the recent appointment that he made for the Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF.

Kyud Lakan Guro Tim Hartman, 1st Degree BB, IKF Commissioner for the USA Northeastern Region

GGM_Kyud Tim

The States in the Northeastern Region that is covered in this appointment are the States of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Kyud Tim Hartman brings Kuntaw at the forefront of his teaching of the many faucets of Filipino Martial Arts. The IKF Northeastern Region headquarter is located in West Seneca, Buffalo, New York.

The Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF/KNP/MKA/NATO founded and led by GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., congratulates Kyud LG Tim Hartman in this appointment as well as thanking him for accepting this appointment that is offered to him by the GGM.

Below is the Letter of Acceptance of Appointment and the Oath of Undertaking, which Kyud Tim has bounded himself to embrace and uphold. Kyud GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr., IKF President and Officer of the IKF Council, has confirmed this appointment on behalf of the GGM and The Council’s Body of Officers.

Download (PDF, 667KB)


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A Message from GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr, Founder and CED of IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts

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In the past several days, the GGM and members of the IKFCC have discerned and reflected on the on-going issues with the IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts. The GGM and the Sultana are now peacefully and comfortably living by themselves with the loving support and charity of the Lanada-Boulo family. It is the utmost desire of the GGM to preserve and continue the existence of his arts under the umbrella organization of International Kuntaw Federation (IKF) which is now operationally handled by the IKF President, GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr. and the members of The Council, under the full authority of the GGM. The GGM is assured that the life of the IKF will continue beyond his temporal life, and he and the Sultana are at peace with it.

The GGM would like to share this peace with all the kyuds and kyudais including to those who decided to part their ways from the IKF – in one way or the other, they had become part of the Kuntaw family. The GGM decides that he no longer be involved in any exchanges of thoughts that are unfriendly, poisonous and uncharitable.

The GGM’s wish is for all the kyuds and kyudais (both within and outside of the IKF) to move on with their own desire in teaching Kuntaw without attacking each other, without hurting each other, without maligning each other. The GGM’s wish is for everyone to respect each other and continue to propagate the arts that he inherited from his family. The GGM’s wish is that one day every kyuds and kyudais will have the opportunity to see each other in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, and to celebrate the true meaning of Kuntaw family.

The GGM is dropping his guards, in the name of the Almighty, for the sake of peace, love and unity – he will no longer respond to any uncharitable acts against him and the Sultana, but rather he will offer the pains that these acts may cause them to the hands of the Almighty, and pray that these people will soon realize that God knows everything, and that there is no secret hidden from Him.

Finally, the GGM wishes you peace, and may the blessings of the God Almighty be with you all.

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Alicia L. Kossmann and William “Bill” Kossmann Struck-Off from the Roster of IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts

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Posted Date: September 18, 2015

GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and “The Council” (IKF Continuity Council) have made the following swift, decisive, and irrevocable decision, which takes effect immediately and without delay.

BE IT KNOWN by all especially by the kyuds and kyudais of IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA and the Kuntaw World that



are struck-off in its entirety from the Roster of IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts effective immediately. Alicia is no longer a “kyudai” and Bill is no longer a “kyud”.

In addition:

  • All instructions, decisions, pronouncements, and similar acts that were orchestrated by the above individuals using the name of IKF, but treacherously acted for the benefit of the so called “Kuntaw Legacy” are declared fraudulent, and therefore not recognized. This covers the period between July 17, 2015 and September 18, 2015.
  • This post is an official notice to these individuals to cease and desist from using the Kuntaw/IKF Logo and the name International Kuntaw Federation. These are registered trademarks and owned by the GGM, and continued use of these intellectual properties infringes the legal right of the owner.

The GGM and the Sultana have repeatedly declared before that as long as the GGM is alive, he is and will always be the Supreme Authority of Kuntaw Martial Arts and there is only one Kuntaw family – the International Kuntaw Federation (IKF) with its sister organizations, the KNP/NATO/MKA and all legitimate IKF Country Chapters in the world.

To all kyuds and kyudais, please be guided accordingly.

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GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. comes out from Retirement; Reclaims Full Legal Authority and Power Over Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA

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The sincere intent of the GGM and the Sultana was not to publicly post this Decree. They tasked the IKF President to contact Alice and Bill Kossmann to discuss the matter privately to them. Unfortunately, the effort of the IKF President was not successful.

It is important to announce that the GGM and the Sultana are no longer with the Kossmann’s.

Without much ado, the Decree below shall carry the full force of the GGM’s power and authority being the founder and brain of Kuntaw Martial Arts, the IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA. The GGM’s “Housekeeping” will continue, and it will be swift. Here is the GGM’s Supreme Decree.

Download (PDF, 560KB)

Take note of the date of this Decree in reference to all events that happened after the Decree date. All matters that are inconsistent with the IKF operation as operationally led by the IKF President, GM Kyud Cyrus Lagumen, are null and void, and therefore not recognized.

For kyuds and kyudais who remained with the IKF and without shame have identified their loyalty and affiliation with the GGM, the GGM and the Sultana extend their gratitude to all of you.

Please be guided accordingly.

Posted by the instruction of the GGM and the conformance of the IKF Continuity Council (IKFCC).




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Incumbent IKF Country Directors as Announced by IKF President and Concurred by the GGM

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As declared and reinforced by the IKF President, GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr., in North Carolina on September 6, 2015, in the presence of GGM Carlito A. Lanada, founder and brain of Kuntaw Martial Arts and IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA, and Sultana Mely. The GGM upholds their appointments and only recognizes the following incumbent IKF Country Directors who remain to be the official and legitimate representatives of Kuntaw Martial Arts and IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA.

Philippines – (KNP) – GM Kyud Carlito G. Lanada, Jr.

                      [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

RP Director

    —– o —–

United States of America – Lakan Datu Kyud Rustico “Rusty” Udan 

                      [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

USA Director

                    —– o —–

Canada – Lakan Guro Kyud Arthur Fernandez 

                    [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

Canada Director

                  —– o —–

Australia – Lakan Datu Kyud Johnny Jose 

                      [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

Australia Director

                —– o —–

Angola – Lakan Datu Kyud Vicente D. Espolon 

                    [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

Angola Director

                  —– o —–

Hongkong – Lakan Datu Kyud Alexander Cevallos 

                    [Appointment Letter/Oath of Acceptance]

Hongkong Director

Middle East Regional Directors:

  • Saudi Arabia/Jeddah – Lakan Guro Kyud Carlito Flores
  • Saudi Arabia/Riyadh – Lakan Guro Kyud Carlos Rodriguez
  • UAE/Dubai – Lakan Guro Kyud Ronald Orense
  • UAE/Abu Dhabi – Lakan Guro Kyud Jemerre Lanada

Due to the geographical complexity and restrictive laws in Saudi Arabia and the UAE that greatly impede the mobility of the expatriates, Saudi Arabia has been divided into three regions (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dharan). The UAE (United Arab Emirates), which is composed of seven (7) emirates or state, shall have one regional director per emirate. These regional directors have the power, authority and responsibilities of an IKF Country Director who shall report directly to the IKF President. To the four Middle East Regional Directors, please contact the IKF President for operational protocols.

Please be guided accordingly.

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