New Year’s Message of Kyud GM Marc to KNP-IKF/Kuntaw Martial Arts

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I originally  posted this message in FB last Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015. Yesterday, Jan. 2, 2016, I was talking to our GGM and read to him my message; he requested me to post the message to, so here it is.  –   Kyud Marc


Happy New Year to all!

I thank God for sustaining me all the energies and virtues I needed to journey with kyud Lito, our Kuntaw Great Grandmaster, and kyudai Mely, our Kuntaw Sultana. They adopted me as their Kuntaw son in 1998 when I moved to Canada. There was a 10-year gap between the death of my father, Great Master Ingkong Marcial of my ancestral art of Tagaan Arnis, and my adoption in Kuntaw by kyud Lito. I was so honored, humbled and emotional that it seemed my father did not totally left me. Like my own father, Ingkong Marcial, kyud Lito is a tough patriarch and a “handful father”. For those who may claim that my entry to Kuntaw is nothing but a drop of time they spent with the GGM, your comparison is a sign of unhealthy attitude. My life with kyud Lito despite the distance and amidst challenges is one of the best era in my life. All kyud Lito’s toughness, are nothing as compared to his loving, caring, and respectful manners (to those who are respectable themselves). Kyud Lito is a visionary that walked his talks in Kuntaw, and many a times that he did unconventional actions for the sake of Kuntaw; he never regretted those actions, but he knows how to accept his shortcomings. Kyud Lito is one of the greatest persons I have ever met in my life. His humility is deep and sincere, but only to those who know humility themselves to recognize it.

In 2011, when the great turmoil came to IKF that gravely threatened its very existence and the very life and spirit of the GGM and the Sultana, I became embedded to the core of Kuntaw existence and continued survival. My goal was to reach out to everyone who estranged themselves from the GGM and the Kuntaw, and bring them back to the family and Kuntaw family again. My effort fell short and was defeated by the stiffness of the hearts of many. But I succeeded to one kyud in the end who came back and bowed and reconciled with his old teacher and “father”, and who regained his humility, kindness, respect and love to the person who made him a great Kuntawista and became a Legend himself. My second goal was to assist the GGM and the Sultana to lay the foundation for succession of Kuntaw for the rightful Inheritor of Kuntaw – to the person whose core of the heart beats and breathes Kuntaw despite of personal struggles in life and weaknesses, and yet has a big heart of RESPECT and OBEDIENCE to the Father and Mother of Kuntaw. To this one, I fully succeeded and am very honored to be a part of this humbling process of succession – to the new CED and 4th Generation Inheritor of Kuntaw, kyud GM Carlito “Junn” G. Lanada, Jr. – a kyud whom I feel will become great also like his father, in his due time in the decades ahead. We, all of us, will journey with him, for his success is also our success, his failures is also our failures. Together, we all journey with kyud GM Junn.

I write this long posting because I would like to thank you all who journeyed and supported me in this long challenging journey towards the end of 2015, especially to my family and the entire Kuntaw Canada family. I am now ready to rest and retire from operational and technical administration of Kuntaw. Similar to kyud Lito and kyudai Mely, my Papa and Mama as they wanted me to call them, I am also RETIRING. I gave my word to Papa and Mama that I will continue my role as the Supreme Advisor to Kuntaw and I do not turn my back from it. However, I am retiring to give our new Kuntaw CED the opportunity to start afresh and select his new Executive Body to journey with him in this new Kuntaw era. I will stay in the background and ready to assist if needed and requested. My body may retire, but my heart will never retire from Kuntaw.

To all kyuds and kyudais including those who remain detached and estranged from the family, please come home.

God bless us all!

Kyud Marc




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