A Message from GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr, Founder and CED of IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts

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In the past several days, the GGM and members of the IKFCC have discerned and reflected on the on-going issues with the IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts. The GGM and the Sultana are now peacefully and comfortably living by themselves with the loving support and charity of the Lanada-Boulo family. It is the utmost desire of the GGM to preserve and continue the existence of his arts under the umbrella organization of International Kuntaw Federation (IKF) which is now operationally handled by the IKF President, GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr. and the members of The Council, under the full authority of the GGM. The GGM is assured that the life of the IKF will continue beyond his temporal life, and he and the Sultana are at peace with it.

The GGM would like to share this peace with all the kyuds and kyudais including to those who decided to part their ways from the IKF – in one way or the other, they had become part of the Kuntaw family. The GGM decides that he no longer be involved in any exchanges of thoughts that are unfriendly, poisonous and uncharitable.

The GGM’s wish is for all the kyuds and kyudais (both within and outside of the IKF) to move on with their own desire in teaching Kuntaw without attacking each other, without hurting each other, without maligning each other. The GGM’s wish is for everyone to respect each other and continue to propagate the arts that he inherited from his family. The GGM’s wish is that one day every kyuds and kyudais will have the opportunity to see each other in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, and to celebrate the true meaning of Kuntaw family.

The GGM is dropping his guards, in the name of the Almighty, for the sake of peace, love and unity – he will no longer respond to any uncharitable acts against him and the Sultana, but rather he will offer the pains that these acts may cause them to the hands of the Almighty, and pray that these people will soon realize that God knows everything, and that there is no secret hidden from Him.

Finally, the GGM wishes you peace, and may the blessings of the God Almighty be with you all.

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