Alicia L. Kossmann and William “Bill” Kossmann Struck-Off from the Roster of IKF and Kuntaw Martial Arts

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Posted Date: September 18, 2015

GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and “The Council” (IKF Continuity Council) have made the following swift, decisive, and irrevocable decision, which takes effect immediately and without delay.

BE IT KNOWN by all especially by the kyuds and kyudais of IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA and the Kuntaw World that



are struck-off in its entirety from the Roster of IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts effective immediately. Alicia is no longer a “kyudai” and Bill is no longer a “kyud”.

In addition:

  • All instructions, decisions, pronouncements, and similar acts that were orchestrated by the above individuals using the name of IKF, but treacherously acted for the benefit of the so called “Kuntaw Legacy” are declared fraudulent, and therefore not recognized. This covers the period between July 17, 2015 and September 18, 2015.
  • This post is an official notice to these individuals to cease and desist from using the Kuntaw/IKF Logo and the name International Kuntaw Federation. These are registered trademarks and owned by the GGM, and continued use of these intellectual properties infringes the legal right of the owner.

The GGM and the Sultana have repeatedly declared before that as long as the GGM is alive, he is and will always be the Supreme Authority of Kuntaw Martial Arts and there is only one Kuntaw family – the International Kuntaw Federation (IKF) with its sister organizations, the KNP/NATO/MKA and all legitimate IKF Country Chapters in the world.

To all kyuds and kyudais, please be guided accordingly.

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