An Open Letter from Kyud Marc to IKF Kyuds and Kyudais

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Kyuds and Kyudais,

This is kyud Marc De Leon, and this letter is personally addressed to all who care to read it and listen to my message. In fact, this letter is without the GGM’s knowledge because I do not want him to be burdened of the new online postings that again are circulating. I thought it is unfair for the GGM, to Sultana, and to those who righteously care for the GGM. I am not speaking as a matter of emotional discourse, but speaking as a person who possesses academic and clinical experience in patients’ pastoral care. I am on my post graduate (Masters) course in Clinical Pastoral Education. I serve as a Chaplain in hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centres and with the homeless in the streets. I listen, talk, laugh, cry, sing, and eat with people with different health conditions even with people who live in the state of dementia or Alzheimer. No matter what the state of a person is, we all have equal dignity in the eyes of God and in the eyes of other dignified human beings. Even if a sick person is bed-ridden and can no longer pass his or her necessities in the toilet, still that person deserves to be treated and cared for with dignity. Only the person who does not recognize the dignity in his or her own person is capable of putting down or trashes other person’s dignity; this person therefore becomes an agent of despair, and even “death” to the spirit of the unfortunate “victim”.

I go and visit the GGM and the Sultana occasionally; I talk to the GGM and the Sultana often over the phone. What I can assure you is, based on my clinical and pastoral skills through psychotherapy assessment; the GGM remains to be very capable to making decisions for his life especially the arts that he loves so much, the KUNTAW, which he equates it to himself. Unless otherwise the GGM executes a Power of Attorney (POA) and making other person to decide for himself, the GGM, for all intents and purposes, remains to be capable and in-control of his cognitive life. The GGM is not a helpless person, or incapable person that depends on other’s mercy to live his life.

As you all know that I am a priest, let me talk about this matter pastorally, and this is for those who ought to listen. A person of peace and love does trumpet joy, happiness, and accomplishment of others; a person of peace and love silently journeys in the loneliness, sorrow, and failures of others, serving as an agent of healing for that “other” who suffers. It saddened me a lot to see and hear people who use the name of God to suppress others, to use the name of God to boost his or her own ego at the expense of others.  And, to those people who do it, you are turning your back to God.

Thank you.

Kyud Marc

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