GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. comes out from Retirement; Reclaims Full Legal Authority and Power Over Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA

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The sincere intent of the GGM and the Sultana was not to publicly post this Decree. They tasked the IKF President to contact Alice and Bill Kossmann to discuss the matter privately to them. Unfortunately, the effort of the IKF President was not successful.

It is important to announce that the GGM and the Sultana are no longer with the Kossmann’s.

Without much ado, the Decree below shall carry the full force of the GGM’s power and authority being the founder and brain of Kuntaw Martial Arts, the IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA. The GGM’s “Housekeeping” will continue, and it will be swift. Here is the GGM’s Supreme Decree.

Take note of the date of this Decree in reference to all events that happened after the Decree date. All matters that are inconsistent with the IKF operation as operationally led by the IKF President, GM Kyud Cyrus Lagumen, are null and void, and therefore not recognized.

For kyuds and kyudais who remained with the IKF and without shame have identified their loyalty and affiliation with the GGM, the GGM and the Sultana extend their gratitude to all of you.

Please be guided accordingly.

Posted by the instruction of the GGM and the conformance of the IKF Continuity Council (IKFCC).




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