Important Announcement Regarding the Rank of IKF GRANDMASTER – By the GGM as Affirmed by the Sultana of IKF

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Posted by the instruction of GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. as affirmed by Sultana Mely – August 5, 2015; (1) revision#1 – August 24, 2015; (2) revision#2 – Sept. 18, 2015.

  • GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., established the rank IKF Grandmaster with the following strict criteria: (1) it is a privilege with attached responsibility and obligations; NOT an entitlement that demands power, (2) it is limited to representing and propagating Kuntaw Martial Arts of GGM’s lineage under the International Kuntaw Federation, (3) as an Ambassador of IKF and the GGM in the martial arts communities in the world, (4) as a model of an effective and humble IKF leader for his or her kyuds and kyudais, (5) protector of the interests of the GGM and guardian of the International Kuntaw Federation.

If the IKF GM cannot uphold these criteria, he or she could either

(1) resign voluntarily, which in this case, he or she surrenders his or her privileges including the use of the GM title and rank; this is a principled move which retains his or her reputation and dignity and can command respect for his or her favour. The rank of this person reverts back to his or her previous rank.

(2) be disavowed by the GGM. The subject GM may maintain the title GM, but can neither carry the name IKF nor the rank, nor any privileges, nor representing IKF in any shape or form in this person’s activities. This person’s actions are of his or her own; this person is outside of the IKF organization.

(3) be stripped-off of the GM title and rank and all the privileges attached to it; this is an extreme but rightful action on the part of the GGM. This person is either reverted back to his or her previous rank (remains in the roster), or totally expelled or struck-off from the IKF organization (deleted from the roster).

  • GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., as long as he is alive, reserves the right to promote a kyud or kyudai to the rank of Grandmaster, 9th Degree, Red Belt. This right belongs only to GGM and is not included in his retirement. Only by the GGM’s direct authority that a legitimate IKF GM may act on the GGM’S behalf and promote a kyud or kyudai to the rank of GM.
  • GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., has learned that a certain IKF GM has promoted a senior kyud to the rank of GM, or might have used the GGM’s name to promote this senior kyud to the rank of IKF GM. This alleged promotion is a fraud, and therefore does not exist.
  • The GGM only recognizes and acknowledges the following IKF Grandmasters listed in the order of appointment.
  1. GM Kyud Bud Cothern (deceased) (#a)
  2. GM Kyud Bill Roy (#b)
  3. GM Kyud Marc De Leon
  4. GM Kyud Cyrus Lagumen, Sr.
  5. GM Kyud Florentino Regondola
  6. GM Kyud Carlito G. Lanada, Jr.
  7. GM Kyud Jaime Lanada

(#a) disavowed by the GGM, but reinstated when he reconciled with the GGM; disbanded the group he started, the Kuntaw Legacy; gave his commitment to the GGM to re-strengthen the IKF. (Attestation by GM Marc De Leon)

(#b) inactive in the training, but always loyal to and respectful of the GGM, and a protector of the IKF.

The GGM is still alive and shall not remain silent if the Kuntaw Martial Arts and the IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA that he founded may be compromised by the actions of individual(s) either from within or outside the IKF.

Kyuds and Kyudais please be guided accordingly.


(1) Revision#1 – August 24, 2015 – Mr. William J. Spence was struck-off from the Roster of IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts. See the post dated August 24, 2015 for full details.

(1) Revision#2 – September 18, 2015 – Ms. Alicia L. Kossmann alongside Mr. William “Bill: Kossmann were struck-off from the Roster of IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts. See the post dated September 18, 2015 for full details.

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