Kuntaw Martial Arts/KNP Philippine-wide Referee Seminars

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From the Desk of IKF Council for distribution and implementation throughout Kuntaw Martial Arts/International Kuntaw Federation/Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas/MKA/NATO with immediate effect.

Kuntaw Martial Arts/Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas (KNP) as officially and legitimately headed and led by kyud GM Carlito G. Lanada, Jr., IKF Philippine Director and KNP President, will be holding Philippine-wide Referee Seminars starting December 2015 until completion of all planned schedules that extend in the new year 2016. These official Kuntaw activities are sanctioned by GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and his IKF Council operationally led by kyud GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr. IKF President.

Kyud GM Carlito “Junn” G. Lanada, Jr. carries full authority of the IKF Council in conducting and implementing this aforementioned seminar. There is none, and there will be no officially sanctioned seminar(s) of Kuntaw Martial Arts/IKF in the Philippines outside of the leadership of kyud GM Junn.

The following are the planned/scheduled Referee Seminars:

  • December 5, 2015 (starting) – Bicol Region
  • January 2016 (dates to be determined) – Davao City
  • January 2016 (dates to be determined) – Cebu City

Kyud GM “Junn will be co-presided by kyud LD Carlito “Noy” Calixtro.

Kyuds and kyudais, please be guided accordingly.

Authorized by the GGM/IKF Continuity Council “The Council”

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