Mr. William J. Spence, Struck-Off from the Roster of the IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts

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Posted by the instruction of GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and Sultana Melinda Guerrero Lanada regarding their son-in-law, Mr. William J. Spence.

BE IT KNOWN by all especially by the kyuds and kyudais of IKF/KNP/NATO/MKA and the Kuntaw World that Mr. William J. Spence is struck-off in its entirety from the Roster of IKF and the Kuntaw Martial Arts effective immediately. He is no longer a “kyud”.

There are deeper issues that are involved in this matter. The GGM and the Sultana have decided to keep these issues within the confines of the family. However, the GGM and the Sultana would like to make this final declaration – a declaration that requires no explanation, and yet it speaks for the truth – free from any duress and undue force.

BE IT KNOWN that the GGM did not promote Mr. William J. Spence. The announced promotion and display of certificate are a fraud.

The GGM and the Sultana have unilaterally declared that as long as the GGM is alive, he is and will always be the Supreme Authority of Kuntaw Martial Arts and there is only one Kuntaw family – the International Kuntaw Federation (IKF) with its sister organizations, the KNP/NATO/MKA and all legitimate IKF Country Chapters in the world.


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