Significance about “KUNTAW”

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“KUNTAW” is an ancient art of (katutubo) Filipino hand and foot fighting arts in its hard and soft way. (Soft meaning open HAND and Hard meaning close fist) it is one of the oldest art in essential arts of self-defense devised by native Filipino Muslim (katutubong Pilipino Moro) royalty prior to the Spanish regime.

It is oriental method of self-defense utilizing a variety of sudden forceful strikes of techniques and guided by scientific movements. Long before the  coming of the Spaniards to the Philippines Island. System of an armed “KUNTAW” fighting art were being taught and has been developed.

Kuntaw is a Filipinized term of the Martial arts. But the typed of Kuntaw which was passed down to the lower class of the country latter on was accepted more as a National Sports than fighting art. The particular styles of Kuntaw practice by Filipino since 14 century are considered a secret fighting arts. With the serious techniques introduction of Islam faith, the native ritual and of other custom that go with the art had disappeared over the course of time.

There are two distinct art involved in this art. First is Sikaran that deals of foot techniques and the Second is the “KUNTAW” that deals of a combination of Hand and Foot techniques.

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