Words from the GGM and the Sultana: Matters of Importance in the IKF in Moving Forward

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Published by the instruction of GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. as affirmed by Sultana Mely.

  • There is only one Kuntaw that is recognized and founded by the GGM and assisted by his wife, Sultana Mely. This will never change and shall be upheld by the Lanada family.
  • It is the utmost desire of the GGM and the Sultana to restore the unity of the Lanada family and the IKF.
  • It is the will of the GGM and the Sultana that the IKF be administered and controlled by a member of the Lanada family who teaches, propagates and maintains an IKF club; is respected and has respected IKF following; respected and acknowledged by other IKF Grandmasters, Masters and Senior-ranked kyuds and kyudais; a known martial artist by the martial arts community both local and international; most importantly, hand-picked by the GGM and the Sultana themselves.
  • For those who might have been confused by several posts that were posted in succession in the past few weeks in several IKF websites (including this website), regarding the administration and control of IKF, be it known that these have its respective legitimacy and effectivity at the time of the signing of the GGM and/or the Sultana. However, it was the prerogative of the GGM to enact what he finds fitting to the situation and beneficial to the IKF organization.
  • For those who intentionally sow confusion among kyuds and kyudais and the IKF and its affiliated organizations, please be aware that you will not succeed.


By the authority of the IKF GGM and the Sultana,

(Signed) GM Marc De Leon, IKF (Kuntaw Canada) and GM Cyrus Lagumen, Sr., IKF (IKF President)

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